Reliv Independent Distributor
 Our Vision For Our Future
When Reliv found us, we were not  in the market for nutrition. My husband was looking for an alternate means of income. I had been praying for something to help my son, Donald, who was on medication for ADD. Since I was skeptical, I did not see the Reliv vision. This all changed when Donald's scholastic achievements, physical, and mental health improved dramatically. He was happy and making friends for the first time! I could not put a price on what this did for our family! His results alone gave us a reason to share this with others. We were glued to the business well as the products.
I suffered with seasonal allergies, IBS, and bronchitis (in the winter). These symptoms have lessened, as my immune system improved. In 2008, I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer.  Although I had surgery, I know that taking Reliv nutrition, helped my body have the strength to fight and helped with my recovery.
Since Don was on the product, his back discomfort decreased. Yet, due to hereditary cardiac issues, he was diagnosed with three arteries that showed 80 - 90% blockages. in 2007. The stints were not effective, so in 2008, he had double bypass surgery.  His cholesterol lowered 48 points. He returned to work 8 weeks after his hospitalization, and since then, his blood pressure has been much healthier.
Today, I am literally eating my words, as Reliv has given our family HOPE for a better life. We have earned bonuses and have a Reliv income as well, for our efforts to help others achieve their goals. Reliv is the answer to my prayers for our health, finances and vision for our future.